PSR J1614-2230: Most Massive Pulsar Ever Discovered (Fact of the Day)

Depiction of a Pulsar

PSR J1614-2230 is a rotating neutron star (aka pulsar), which lies about 3900 light years away from earth in the constellation of Scorpius. It is in a binary system with a white dwarf. It spins around its axis 317 times per second. Like any other pulsars, it emits a lighthouse-like beams of radio-waves through space, while it spins on its axis 317 times every second. Although it is twice as massive as the sun, it has an approximate radius of only 13km, which is like packing two sun masses into a London-sized city. Its density is so massive that a cell phone-sized chunk of neutron star material would weigh as much as 50 million elephants. 



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