Largest Black Hole Ever Discovered (Fact of the Day)

NGC 4889
The largest black hole was believed to be the black hole at the centre of the giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87, which is about 6.3 billion solar masses. But, the latest discovery has showed two black holes which are more massive than the black hole of the Messier 87. Now, the second largest black hole is in the galaxy of NGC 3842 which is about 9.7 billion solar masses.

The largest black hole now is at the heart of galaxy NGC 4889, which is also the brightest galaxy in the Coma cluster. This black hole is about 21 billion times the mass of the Sun. It is about 336 million light years away from Earth.

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  1. Though NGC 4889 is indeed today's largest black hole, the second largest was not on NGC 3842, it is on the center of OJ 287, measuring 18 billion solar masses.

  2. Based on my research, the third largest black hole was not on M87, it is on NGC 1277, 220 million light-years away in constellation Perseus, measuring 17 billion solar masses.



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