HAT-P-32b: Largest Planet Discovered Yet (Fact of the Day)

Picture showing the scale of the planets according to their masses
HAT-P-32b is an exoplanet which orbits the star HAT-P-32, approximately 1,044 light years away from Earth located in the constellation of Andromeda. The discovery of this planet was reported on June 2011 and it is the largest discovered planet yet. The radius of the planet is about 2.037 times the radius of the Jupiter and the mass of the planet is about 0.941 times the mass of Jupiter. In other words, it is twice the size of radius but slightly less massive than Jupiter. 

HAT-P-32b is about 0.0344 AU away from the parent star and it completes an orbit around the star in about 2.15 days. It has an equilibrium temperature of about 1888 K which is almost 15 times hotter than Jupiter. All these characteristics of the planet have been estimated with the assumption that it has an elliptical orbit than a circular orbit.

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