Merope Nebula or Tempel's Nebula (Picture of the Day)

Merope Nebula or NGC 1435
The Merope Nebula, otherwise known as the Tempel's Nebula (NGC 1435), is a reflection nebula and could possibley be a supernova remnant. It is approximately 400 light years away in the Pleiades star cluster, which is in the Taurus constellation. It is about 2 light years in diameter.

Reflection nebula is the nebula which reflect light from the nearby star. The small grain carbon grains int he Merope nebula reflect the light from the star Merope (which is one of the brightest stars in the Pleiades star cluster). It has a blue color as carbon scatters the blue light more efficiently than the red light.



  1. Gosh, this pic of the Merope Nebula is gorgeous!



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