Boomerang Nebula: Coldest Place in the Universe (Fact of the Day)

Boomerang Nebula (or Bow Tie Nebula)
The Boomerang Nebula (also known as the Bow Tie Nebula) is a protoplanetary nebula int he constellation of Centaurus. It is approximately 5,000 light years away from Earth and it is about 1 light year wide. Currently, it is the coldest place known in the Universe with a temperature of 1 K (which is just 1 degree above absolute zero). It is the only object colder than the Cosmic Microwave Background which is 3 K. The nebula was formed by the high-speed outflow of gas from the core of the star at speeds of 600,000 km/hr. The cause of the nebula's very low temperature is due to the rapid expansion.

Image Credit: Wikipedia



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