IC 1101: Largest Galaxy (Fact of the Day)

IC 1101
IC 1101 is the largest known galaxy which is situated at the Abell 2029 galaxy cluster. It is a giant elliptical galaxy or otherwise known as the "Supergiant Ellipticals". It is about 1.07 billion light years away in the constellation of Serpens. It is approximately 5.5 million light years in diameter, making it the largest galaxy in terms of breadth (as of 2010). It is about 50 times the size and 2000 times massive than our Milky Way Galaxy. It has about 100 trillion stars compared to roughly 100-200 billion stars in our galaxy.



  1. It is indeed the largest galaxy discovered so far. 5.5 million light years, compared to our Milky Way's 100,000 light years only. Furthermore, as science goes on, we might see a larger galaxy, but the possibility for it is so small, so let's appreciate IC 1101.

  2. Allah SWT is the Greatest, My Lord and Your Lord. He SWT is the Creator, Designer, Maintainer and Owner of The Entire Universe, The Heavens and the Earths. Glorified Be He. Allaho Akbar ( God is The Greatest )

    1. Allah is a figment of the pathetic minds of certain humans.

      Humans are not relevant to galaxies, not even our own.

      Have upon the vastness of the universe and know that you are a powerless, meaningless fraction of a moment within it.

      It was long, long before earth existed and before life in earth existed.

      It will be long, long after humanity is extinct.

      And at no point will your imaginary gods have mattered to it.

      Neither Allah nor anyone else's imaginary gods are great.

      Galaxies are great.

      The universe is great.

      And you?

      You're just a wad of biomass craving a sense of relevance and control in a universe that is so hilariously vast that our entire species has no hope of ever having either in it in any way that isn't strictly of our own fabrication.

  3. Give me a break this galaxy is so vast compared to our own little rock in the middle of well nowhere really, how can you beleive in god what a joke.

  4. Yeah, but we're at the right time and the right place. We're given animals and plants as food with the perfect distance away from the sun and the perfect place in the Milky Way. It's too coincidental for god not to exist

    1. There's 100-200 billion stars in the Milky Way and about 100 trillion stars IC 1101, with even more planets circulating them - and that's just two of all the galaxies in the universe - and you still think it's too coincidental for us to exist without a god? Considering all those planets and all those possibilities, it's more realistic to believe there's even more life out there, than believing in an almighty creator.

  5. As Brian Cox stated it, in the documentary series "Human Universe" when coming to the mind disturbing fact that earth - might actually can be the sole planet in the e n t i r e Milky Way Galaxy with intelligent life: "If there had been another, we'd already encountered them. We have not and that makes us unique". We truly are, we always have been, and it is time to put stupendous differences aside, and act like it.

  6. Some people subscribe to 2000 year old belief systems and some people subscribe to scientific facts. Take your choice but the science subscription comes with lots of excitement.

  7. It's always interesting to read about who does and does not believe in God. If He exists, denying Him will not change the fact. For those inclined to believe, everything testifies that He does indeed exist. To those who choose not to see God in all creation, whatever they get out of life is their reward. I have never observed a non believer who could experience real joy, since that is a gift of the Spirit. So it is true that to believe in God, gives hope beyond this life, and hope in God brings joy.

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