Venus: Only Planet to Rotate Clockwise (Fact of the Day)

Venus (View of Venus's surface)
Venus is the only planet in our Solar system to rotate clockwise. The reason for it is still not known clearly. It is speculated or believed that it is due to the massive collisions during the early stages of its formations.

Also, Venus has by far the slowest rotation rate of any of the major planets. It rotates once every 243 Earth days. At the equator, the surface of Venus rotates at 6.5 km/hr compared to our Earth's rotation speed of 1,670 km/hr. A Venus year is about 1.92 Venus days long.



  1. not much info
    no offence!!!

  2. How Can it be 1.92 hours/Day????

  3. You can only determine direction of spin depending on the pole you view the planet from therefore the term 'clockwise' is meaningless by itself.

  4. Could a body with a mass of about a sixth that of the sun but only a twevth of it's size passing about 9 to 12 million miles from Venus cause the flip?

  5. Venus 1.92 days/year, Which means, Venus rotates so slowly that it takes nearly 6 months or 4,320 hours to complete one rotation of Venus on its own axis, which in comparison only takes the earth 24 hours to complete one rotation on its own axis. So therefore it only takes 1.92 Venus days to complete a revolution around the sun while it takes the 365 earth days to complete a revolution around the sun.

  6. BTW, Venus's orbit is closer to the sun than earth, so it orbits the sun approximately 1.5 times for every earth orbit, so this changes the hours per rotation of Venus on it's axis (a Venus day) from the given above 4,320 earth hours to approx 2,750 Venus hours/day. Typically it takes Venus approx. 5,850 hrs or 1.92 Venus days per revolution of the sun while it takes the earth 8,766 hrs or 365.25 earth days per revolution of the sun.



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