Only One Side of the Moon is Visible to Us (Fact of the Day)

The only side of the Moon we have ever seen
Yes, we have been looking at the same side of the moon for all those years and the years to come. One side of the moon has always been in the far side of the Earth. This is because the moon is tidally locked with Earth, the same reason we have tides on Earth. Therefore, the moon rotates on its axis and orbits the Earth at exactly the same rate, about once every 28 days, which is why we are able to see only one side of the moon.

The moon was once spinning faster but over time Earth has slowed down the rotation rate of moon equaling the revolution rate of the moon around Earth. The other side of moon is called the "Dark side" of moon, which is not because it is dark. It is actually because it is the side which the humans didn't know about until recent times. And the dark side of moon is also not always dark as it has days and nights as in Earth.



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