Comet Encke: Comet with the Shortest Period (Fact of the Day)

Infrared image of Comet Encke and its debris
Comet Encke is a periodic comet which orbits the Sun once every three years, which makes it the shortest period of any known comet. It has a diameter of about 4.8 km. This is the second periodic comet discovered after the Halley's comet.

One of the famous events was when the tail of this comet was temporarily torn off by magnetic field disturbances caused by a blast of solar particles from the Sun (called Coronal Mass Ejection). This happened on April 2007, when it came too close to the Sun. However, the tail grew back due to the continuous shedding of gas and dust by the comet.



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    1. I love comets they are so fun!

  2. I haven't seen comets personally in my entire life but I got a lot of questions in my mind about them. Just like the sun, do they also produce solar energy?

    1. comets are known as signs of the dinosaurs returning

  3. Frank,
    Solar Energy relates to solar..... the comet is a comet and not solar energy producing

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    1. no way bro they are so gnarley I've been hit by one before i have like a million scars on my butt!!

  5. I have to do a report on comet EncKe, and this helped me so much!! Thanks!

  6. Comets have two tails. One made of ice, the other of dust.
    They also have this thing around the rocky body.
    Their tails always face away from the sun.
    Shooting stars are meteoroids burning up in the earth's atmosphere. Okay try to beat those facts. OH SNAP-A-DOODLE-DOO



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