1,200 Exo-planets discovered with 58 being life-friendly (News)

Few days ago, NASA announced the discovery of the 1,200 exo-planets from a small area of the Milky Way Galaxy. Of the 1,200 planets, 58 planets are in life-friendly orbits with their parent stars. We just know that, these 58 planets have roughly the same size as Earth and they are in the life-friendly distance from their stars. But, they still don't know whether these planets are rocky like Earth.

The Kepler Space telescope also revealed that Earth-size planets and multi-planet systems are common. It has also discovered solar system with atleast six small planets orbiting their star in a similar plane as our solar system. This solar system, which is called K-11, is about 2000 light years away from our solar system. These results are just after 4 months of work from the Kepler space telescope. Hope it brings more surprises in the future!!!



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